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Best free Antivirus for your new laptop

Got new laptop or PC? Now you need a solid antivirus to protect yourself. Here is the list of some of best free antivirus to keep your PC safe. It is essential to keep yourself safe from rogue virus and malware.

The unwanted virus will slow down your PC, spy on your online activities, steal your data and even can permanently damage your device. So having a good antivirus program is very important. Most opt for paid antivirus programs, enterprises install similar program to protect data. Regardless, the free antivirus program can be equally effective.

Free antivirus available in market

  1. Windows defender 

The program comes bundled with Windows installation. It is light on resources and very effective. Having windows defender with default firewall on will protect you from many threats.

  1. Avast Antivirus

They are one of the popular antivirus software with wide range of feature. They offer paid as well as a free version of the software. Avast purchased AVG last year, further expanding their detection database and improving detection engine. Download from here :

  1. Bitdefender

It is a basic software with low system use. It has very minimal UI and control. You can just install it and forget.

  1. Panda Antivirus

They are cloud antivirus service provider. It will work in offline mode as well but for better detection, the company suggests to have constant internet.

  1. AVG 

They are quite popular and reliable anti-virus software. The UI is minimal and easy to use. And both AVG and Avast use same virus database.

  1. Sophos 

The company claims to have made business-grade security made available to the home user. The software claim to be more than an antivirus and a complete security program. Free user can safeguard up to 3 devices.

Get it from here:

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