low cost cheap budget laptop nepal

Best Budget Laptops available in Nepal

low cost cheap budget laptop nepal

Tight on a budget or just need simple laptop device to get things done? Check out our comprehensive list of best cheap budget laptops available in Kathmandu, Nepal. This laptop includes everything to get a day to day work done and best suited for light users and students who need limited sets of software to work with.

This list is made to outline the best cheap laptop or low-end laptops which you can own and start working right away. You can purchase this device from any computer store or at LDS’s premium laptop store – where were deal with more than one brand and provide an option to our customers.

Round up – Best Low price Laptops

Lenovo X131

The laptop sports Lenovo X131 is powered by AMD CPU and is backed by 4GB RAM and includes 320GB hard disk. For graphics, it has AMD Radeon HD 7340.
Rs. NRS 25990

Acer TM-B117

128GB SSD has been a selling point for Acer TM-B117. Powered by Intel Celeron, Intel HD Graphics, 4GB RAM and 11.6-inch screen, the device is light, portable yet capable computing machine.
NRS 26990

HP 210 G1

HP 210G1 is powered by entry-level i3 CPU. Which is comparatively powerful than Celeron or Atom CPU. The laptop has 11.6-inch touch screen which is a top selling point for the device.
NRS 39990

Lenovo v310

This is an entry-level laptop from Lenovo sporting i3 CPU. The laptop sport large 14inch screen for viewing pleasure.
NRS 39990

Dell Inspiron 15R 3567

The device has i3 CPU, 500 GB hard disk, 4GB RAM, Intel Graphics and huge 15.6-inch screen. The laptop definitely gives a premium look and handy performance for the price point. Check this post we wrote to know more about latest Dell laptops in Nepal.
NRS 40990

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